Surplus Bottled Water For Sale  

   Following the 2005 Hurricane Season in which WaterBank® provided bottled water to the States of Texas and Florida through direct contracts with the states and with FEMA, WaterBank®  was contacted by a number of companies who found themselves with surplus water on their hands.  

   WaterBank® has decided to offer surplus inventory for bottled water companies.  Presently available inventory is listed below.

   Also, we were contacted two weeks ago by a firm that wishes his particular label of water bottled.  We have been able to accommodate that firm by locating a bottling firm with attractive pricing and warehouse space from which the water can be drop shipped.

    If you have any need for specially labeled water, please contact us.  We deal only in truckload lots.





We have some bottles in stock that fell through on a order and really need to get rid of them they, are as follows:

a.      litter clear 20 gram 28 PCO. We have 3 trucks 95040 bottles per truck 22 pallets per truck.

b.      litter aqua 23.5 gram 28 PCO. We have 2 trucks 95040 bottles per truck, 22 pallets

c.      We have one truck 95040 bottles 19 pallets of aqua and 3 pallets of clear.

                                                    i.     Pricing is $60.00/1000 0r .06 cents per bottle FOB

    Posted: January 26, 2007

    Contact:  Bill Turner,  505-843-7643



   2 truckloads (1080 cases) 24 pk x 25 oz sport cap. $5.50 fob obo Blue Ridge, Georgia

Please consider WaterBank® as a way connect yourself to the bottled water marketplace.   


      If you are interested in purchasing bottled water please contact WaterBank®.


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