The bottled water business today is a cut-throat business with eighty percent of the market in the United States controlled by a handful of companies.  Coca Cola, in February, 2000, released a projection that the bottled water market will exceed the soft drink market by 2010.  The soft drink market is a $72 billion market today.  The bottled water market today stands at just $4 billion in the United States.  In April 2001, the International Bottled Water Association released a comprehensive report on the bottled water industry.  Click here for a link to this report.

If you have hopes of becoming a major bottled water company, you must have a very special water with a unique story and unique properties.  You must be willing to spend 10 years and $10 million to create a niche in the market place.  You will face sales outlets where distributors will put your water to the back of the shelf to drive you out of business.  If your water seems to take hold, they will surround your water with theirs and put theirs on sale to drive you out of business.  The distributors wage this battle with daily visits to sales outlets.


WaterBank® serves as an agent for bulk and bottled-water supply and sales.  We are frequently contacted by individuals and companies that are seeking markets for bottled water. 

In 2001, WaterBank® assisted a seller of a spring in negotiating with one of the top 10 bottling companies.  In April 2002, WaterBank® was contacted by a spring buyer and provided a list of seven potential properties for their consideration.

If you want to sell repeat truckloads or container quantities of palletized bottled water, please contact us.  Possible buyers include, Federal and State Government departments and agencies, disaster relief agencies, major food store chains, importers and exporters.  For example, recently, 525,000 residents of San Juan, Carolina, and Trujillo Alto,  Puerto Rico were left without water for 5 days.

Please contact us with your production capacity, cost, and a a Safe Drinking Water Analysis of your water.  If your water has met applicable national standards elsewhere, please indicate the standard.

You must conduct frequent chemical and bacteriological analyses pursuant to the requirements of the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act or requirements of the European Union or other regulatory requirements depending on the destination of the water.  Your product and your production facilities must be qualified or certified by regulatory health departments, boards, or agencies and those qualification or certification documents will be posted on our web site to facilitate your business. We will post your applicable and most recent analyses on WaterBank® for buyers to view.

Bottled water and its analysis can be viewed here.

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