The water bottling business is extremely competitive because of intense competition for market share and because the sale of bottled water to large distributors and retailers often hangs on a penny a bottle.  Consequently, companies and bottling equipment commonly are for sale.

    Buyers of bottling equipment and bottling facilities commony include major producers and retailers who are anxious to capture additional profit centers related to the merchandise they produce or retail.  The table below contains equipment known to WaterBank® that is presently for sale.   WaterBank® assists in all aspects of the transaction as an agent for the seller.

    Also, used bottling equipment depreciates rapidly.  Equipment only two or three years old may only be worth 25 percent of the original purchase price.

NMBE101New MexicoFructose Filler. View Equipment List01/09/02$45,000 Negotiable.
BE102TexasGood - 1960's      View Equipment List11/07/01Photos Available


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