WaterBank®, receives hundreds of requests for general information on all manner of water related topics.   They range from the value of springs, to bottled water companies, to markets for new technologies, to the value of water rights, to ground-water exploration methods. They include requests for analysis of technical information and procedures for permitting water for sale in specific markets. They include requests for distributors and purchasers of bulk water. 

WaterBank® provides consulting services for some of the nations largest investment banking firms and hedge funds regarding investments in the water space.  These firms have been shifting their investment focus to hard assets such as oil and gas, minerals, sand and gravel, and water.

WaterBank®, also is engaged in the brokerage of water rights, bottled water, water bottling plants, spring sources, geothermal water and water utilities.

WaterBank®, unfortunately, cannot spend their time replying to all manner of inquiries without charging for their expert assistance.  We presently have a number of clients who we provide information to as a fee-based service.

Our statement of qualifications and compensation rates are given on our site.  

If you are interested in making general inquiries, please e-mail us the completed engagement letter.

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