During times of natural catastrophe whether it be drought in Russia or along the North American Gulf of East Coasts,  flooding in Mozambique, hurricane damage in Central America, arsenic contamination in Bangladesh, earthquakes in Turkey, Panama City's inability to treat its drinking water because of very heavy rains, the typhoon disaster in Guam, or even military actions such as Desert Storm or humanitarian work in refugee camps or destruction caused by war as in Bosnia, safe drinking water supplies are commonly disabled or almost non-existent. 

WaterBank® is a focal point for the bottled water industry.  We work with more than 300 bottling companies worldwide not only to locate bottled water and bulk water supplies but we have the ability to locate it near the disaster to minimize transport costs.  In some cases, wells or municipalities may be available to provide water as in dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.

WaterBank® in conjunction with Charter Services of Albuquerque, New Mexico, has the ability to locate heavy lift aircraft for immediate shipment of palletized and containerized bottled water anywhere in the world.[


In the case of the December 11, 2002 supertyphoon disaster in Guam, WaterBank® identified sources of water in Australia, Fiji, and Eastern Russia and we identified Ukranian heavy lift aircraft with the ability to move the water at a time when heavy lift aircraft in the United States were entirely committed to carrying Christmas toys for Santa Claus.  Additionally, the aftermath of the disaster in American Samoa in 2009, Charter Services of Albuquerque flew in four loads of bottled water.

Potential clients will include national and international disaster assistance agencies, commercial retail outlets, hotels, state agencies, FEMA, as well as the military, both domestic and foreign, with stockpiling capabilities.  You should not be caught without a contingency plan. 

WaterBank® is a licensed escrow company.  Unless credit has been established, our payment terms are payment in full that has been wired into our escrow accounts or an original purchase order.  We do not do business with third party suppliers.

If you fall into this category and are setting up contingency plans, give us a call or contact us.

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