WaterBank® has become a focal point for many aspects of the commercial water business.  We have recently been contacted by manufacturers of innovative consumer water products.   For those products that we think are sound in concept and construction and have significant potential markets, we will list them here.  WaterBank® has worldwide master agency agreements with these manufacturers.


     The Drinking Water Condenser condenses drinking water from humidity contained in the air. It is a unique consumer product based on simple and well established principles.  It even works in relatively dry climates.  Recently an order for 1,000 units was placed for four South American countries. 

     Markets for the Drinking Water Condenser include, homes, businesses, remote oil and gas or mineral development sites, hotels, and ranches.  For more information, contact us.


     Rapid Spray Distillation ( RSD) desalinates water at a fraction of the cost of current methods. RSD ejects water at high velocities in a patented process and as flash evaporation occurs, dissolved solids separate and are trapped. The vapor is condensed into drinking water. The salt precipitates as a solid which reduces disposal costs and provides raw materials."

     RSDachieves in one step what current reverse osmosis and multi-stage flash methods take multiple steps to accomplish. The thermodynamics and aqueouos chemistry of the process are very straightforward.  RSD is three times more efficient in processing sea-water. Bench testing shows fresh water recovery efficiency of 95% versus 36% for other processes.

     Three times the volume of fresh water is generated with one half the capital equipment outlays and a fraction of the energy input. The projected impact on total costs would be to reduce the overall expenditure for RSDdesalinated water to one-quarter the cost of current methods.

     The RSDsystem has very few moving parts and operation and maintenance costs are very low.

     As of May 2, 2001 the company is in the process of a private offering.  Contact WaterBank® for further information.

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