The following specifications are for an 8-Head Filler that is for sale. The asking price is $43,700.00 negotiable. For more information, please email WaterBank® at
  1. 110V/1/50-60 Hz, 80-100 psi compressed clean dry air
  2. Gravity Filling Method using highly accurate volumetric filling by time
  3. 304 Stainless steel heavy duty C frame construction with 304 stainless steel levelling legs
  4. 316 Stainless steel 3/4" Breakdown Ball Valve with Sanitary Ends adn Teflon Seals
  5. Braided PVC tubing and fittings
  6. 304 Stainless steel product reservoir
  7. User-friendly PLC filler control system with automatic set-up utilities
  8. (2) 316 Stainless steel 3/4" breakdown ball valve with sanitary ends and Teflon seals
  9. Automatic drip tray - physically blocks drips from reaching containers
  10. Nema 4 wet location electrical box construction
  11. Clean in place system - In tank 360" spray ball with manual valve - assists cleaning of filler     reservoir
  12. 304 Stainless cleaning trough
  13. Automatic difficult bottle orientator (bottle grabbers) for bottle alignment under fill heads
  14. No bottle, no fill counter system under fill head; ensures containers are in place prior to filling
  15. Anti bottle back-up eye system prevents double filling of containers
  16. Stainless steel dairy grade centrifugal filler supply pump with DC variable speed drive pump      controller, and Nema 4 construction

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