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WaterBank® supports a wide range of non-profit organizations both nationally and internationally.  Among the organizations supported are

School for Advanced ResearchAnthropologic, Cultural and Social ResearchSanta Fe, New Mexico
Maher CenterChildren's Cancer TreatmentPalestine
SarvodayaTsunami Relief and Humanitarian WorkSri Lanka
Animal Humane AssociationAnimal CareNew Mexico
TERMA FoundationHealth care for TibetansCalifornia and Tibet
Special OlympicsDisabled Children SportsNew Mexico
New Mexico Water DialogueNew Mexico Water Policy IssuesNew Mexico
Cornell University Law LibraryMaintain Internet Access to Legal ResourcesIthaca, New York
LifewaterRural Water SupplyThird World
Focus Humanitarian Assistance (Aga Khan FoundationHumanitarian AssistanceThird World
New Mexico Human Rights ProjectsSchool and Teacher Programs Dealing with Human Rights Issues, Institutional Racism, Bullying, Violence, SterotypeinNew Mexico
Albuquerque Symphony OrchestraCommunity Music ProgramsNew Mexico
University of New Mexico Children's HospitalTreatment of Children with Cancer and Other MaladiesAlbuquerque, New Mexico
Muscular Dystrophy FoundationResearch in Muscular Dystrophy 
Educate New MexicoScholarships for Private EducationAlbuquerque, New Mexico

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