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 WaterBank® was contacted on Tuesday, September 20th by the State of Texas to provide bottled water to five sites in Texas north of Houston in preparation for Hurricane Rita emergency response.  Within two days, before payment procedures had been worked out, WaterBank®  had commitments from bottling companies from New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas to meet their entire need.

Shipments of water began on September 23, 2005.  As trucks were moving, Texas authorities called to designate new drop off points.  As the trucks were moving even the drop-off points changed.  WaterBank® personnel maintained constant communication and coordinated with all drop-off points to provide estimated delivery times.

Payment for the bottled water was critical to the success of our operation.  WaterBank® was issued a purchase order by the State of Texas.  This was not satisfactory to several of the bottling firms.  To compensate for this, WaterBank® advanced its own funds to bottlers and will re-invoice under its purchase order.

This experience has demonstrated the rapid response of WaterBank® in cases of national emergency.

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