Water Resource Appraisal and Water Rights Valuation

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WaterBank® performs valuations of water supplies worldwide.  The valuation of water resources is quite complex and requires multidisciplinary capabilities.  The valuation of a water resource involves some or all of the following steps.

  1. Hydrological determination of the sustainable quantity and quality of the water.  This is highly technical and may involve carrying out hydrogeological studies or surface water flow probability studies.

  2. Demand analysis may be required to evaluate whether future needs can be met.

  3. Water resources must be legally available before the water can be captured by wells or surface water diversion works.

  4. Historical analysis of past water use must be carried out in areas where the doctrine of prior appropriation is the legal basis for water right ownership. This activity can involve review of very old documents including deeds, maps, survey records, oral history records, aerial photography.

  5. Functional analysis is carried out to value the water based on a variety of uses.

  6. Political analysis is carried out gage the political wind for acceptance or rejection of specific possible uses.  The political climate plays a major role in valuing water resources.

  7. Comparable sales information is examined where available.

  8. The valuation is based on the multiple concerns examined above.

A sampling of some of our clients is listed in the table below.

South Hills Water CompanyHenry CoorsWater Rights Valuation for Bankruptcy (New Mexico)520-836-1018
Green PropertiesRichard GreenMultiuse Use Resource Valuation (Arizona)310-428-2715
Entrepid Potash of New Mexico, LLCRandy FooteWater Resource Valuation for Corporate Re-Finance (New Mexico)505-234-3600
Equa Water CorporationJeff MoatsWater Resource Quantification and Quality Determination (Brazil)239-963-1000
CBIZ Valuation GroupMichael HeddenWater resource quantification, validation, valuation (New Mexico)609-896-0300


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