Water rights are created by past beneficial use or permit.  Many states use a regulatory permitting process to keep track of your water rights.  As the largest dealer in water rights in the State of New Mexico and as a company that deals in water and water rights worldwide, WaterBank® can tell you that the record keeping of regulatory agencies commonly leaves a lot to be desired.  It is commonplace for regulatory agencies to lose paperwork and provide incomplete information to the public.  We fight this battle on a daily basis on behalf of our clients.

To ensure that your water rights are well protected, it is necessary that your file be in perfect condition.   WaterBank® offers a Water Rights Maintenance service.   We make sure your files are in perfect order, that papers have not been lost, and that your filings with regulatory agencies are up to date.  For existing clients WaterBank® has:

1.    Filed quitclaim deeds with county recorders
2.    Prepared corrected quitclaim deeds where errors were found on originals
3.    Prepared and filed changes of ownership forms
4.    Filed Proofs of Well Completions
5.    Filed Extensions of Time
6.    Filed Proofs of Beneficial Use
7.    Applied for Licenses
8.    Conducted title searches and prepared chains of title to verify water rights ownership
9.    Filed suit in district court to reform deeds where water rights were not intended to be sold
10.  Prepared Releases of Water Rights from mortgage companies and holders of real-estate
11.  Prepared Affidavits of Identity

For regulatory agencies, we will carry out in-house audits of practices and procedures and provide written suggestions for consistency and improvement.  We will also carry out training sessions.

If you are a water-rights owner, please consider using our services.   As the shortage of water increases, there will be attacks on the validity of your water rights.  Sleep well at night by having WaterBank® maintain your water rights files.  Our fees are quite moderate for this service.

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