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The WaterBank® recognizes the importance of the privacy of our clients. WaterBank® recognize that we are collecting information about you personally as well as information about your water rights needs. The policies outlined below describe our policies to protect your privacy.

Use, Collection and Retention of Client Information 
WaterBank® collects, retains and uses only the information that we need to assess your water rights and to offer high-level water rights brokerage services to our clients. We retain information only as long as is necessary to meet these objectives.

Maintenance of Accurate Information 

WaterBank® recognizes that the accuracy of information provided to and by our clients directly influences our ability to broker water rights transactions. We make all efforts to ensure that the information that we utilize is as accurate as possible. Therefore, any request to correct inaccurate information is responded to in a timely manner.

Limiting Staff Access to Information 

All WaterBank® staff members are educated in the importance of privacy and confidentiality. Only those employees having a legitimate business reason for doing so have access to client files.

Restrictions on the Disclosure of Account Information
WaterBank® is a brokerage firm, interested in making the best possible deal between our clients. As such we do provide pertinent information to other clients when:

  1. the information is provided to help complete a client initiated transaction;
  2. the client requires it;
  3. the disclosure is required by/or allowed by law;
  4. it is necessary to provide our services.


Maintaining Customer Privacy in Business Relationships with Other Clients 
When it is necessary to exchange information among clients to perform a brokerage deal, WaterBank® insists that all parties involved shall adhere to similar privacy principals for keeping information confidential.

Disclosure of Privacy Principles to Clients

WaterBank® clients have the right to know what information we keep about them and how the information is used. Clients also have the right to have inaccurate information deleted or corrected.

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