From time to time, we post useful internet tools on this site to help you with Internet Usage.

Bandwidth Speed Test 

Go to:

Connection Speed

Go to Start.Programs.MS-DOS Prompt.  At the prompt type: ping (or another remote web site).   Ping reports time in milliseconds it takes a data packet to travel to the site and return to your computer.  A few milliseconds is a fast connection.  Several hundred milliseconds is a slow connection.  Try: ping to try an international connection.  Try your own ISP: ping .  Try your own URL: ping .  If the connection speed between your ISP and your own URL is significantly different, you may have a problem.  Type ping -n 25 and ping -n 25 .  Save the files and send them to your ISP.

Bandwidth Bandit Protection

Try: Up

IP Locator



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